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About me: I am a Danish food and travel writer and photographer living and working partly in Copenhagen and partly in a beautiful forest in Halland, Sweden. I write and edit for print and digital media in English and Danish, mainly within the areas food, wine, restaurants and travel. I also translate from English and Swedish to Danish. As a photographer, I am specialized in food photography but will shoot anything pretty (or ugly for that sake).

I have a background in the restaurant industry and am educated as a sommelier from Scandinavian Wine Academy (Vinakademiet). I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from London South Bank University and a Master’s degree in Digital Design and Communication from the IT University of Copenhagen.

Hope we can do something fun together – if you think so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Write me: eva@helbak.net
Find me on Twitter/Instagram: @evahelbak

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